Free Relaxation MP3 to Stop Smoking Weed

Human beings have tremendous capacity for natural happiness which is ten times greater than the “highs” brought about by drugs. We all already know this but modern life clouds our judgement. For this reason I have created a free relaxation MP3 to help people stop smoking weed – if they want to.


Taking moments to heal your mind and relax can help you with all of life's difficulties

You can find this free relaxation MP3 together with a free e-book at this website.

This relaxation technique helped me quit weed and cigarettes, stopped me drinking too much and turned me from an introspected and depressed person into one that was outgoing and happy.

I don’t claim to understand everything about meditation and happiness but I do know that every human culture across the millennia of history have all practiced meditation or “followed their breathing” in order to calm their thoughts and enter a realm of peace and understanding.

How to listen to this Relaxation MP3

Try to do this at the beginning of a day. Do not do this when stoned or inebriated in any way. It will only work with a clear mind.

Sit on a chair with your legs in front of you. You may have them standing on the floor in front of the chair legs or stretched out but keep them uncrossed.

Find a way of sitting that allows you to feel most comfortable and eventually close your eyes.

Pay attention to any tension in your body. Observe any areas of your body that are tense and relax them.

You should be comfortable but your back should be straight. You should be relaxed but your mind and body should be alert.

Observe your breathing for a moment. Breathe as naturally as possible. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Focus your attention on your breath for some moments. Feel the sensations of your breath on your nostrils or your mouth as it goes in and out.

If you find your mind wondering to another subject, observe it, don’t scold yourself for doing this, and just gently put your observation back to your breathing.

If you find yourself falling asleep – this happens sometimes – just wake yourself up and put your observation back to your breathing. You may find your concentration improve shortly after waking up.

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis to stop smoking cannabis

I made this video of the relaxation method.

Make sure you download this free relaxation MP3 you will find it a useful resource.

Although this has been prepared for those who wish to give up smoking marijuana. It can also be used by those who wish to give up smoking cigarettes or who have any other unwanted habits in their lives.

If you continue to use the relaxation technique everyday you will find that the stresses and strains of everyday life will gradually reduce and you will start to live the happy life you always wanted!

The free meditation is here. I wish you all the best.


How to Stop Smoking Weed


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