How to Get a Loved One to Stop Smoking Cannabis

Many people come to this blog wanting to know how to stop smoking weed. However, I also receive a lot of mail from wives, boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, fathers, sons, etc., of cannabis smokers who ask me how to get a loved one to stop smoking cannabis.


Communication is key with a loved one who has a bad marijuana habit

The answers are quite different from the advice you can get here about how to stop smoking weed.

Don’t play the self-righteous card

Don’t warn your loved one of the hazards of smoking reefer. The chances are that most cannabis smokers know that it:

  • is bad for their health
  • causes short term memory loss
  • elicits fear, panic attacks and intense feelings of paranoia
  • can have an all-round long term detrimental effect on their life

The problem is that they know that and they already have decided that, despite the negative effects of smoking pot, they still want to light up joints and get high.

In order to continue with an addiction, you have to lie to yourself, ignore the evidence of your senses and carry on indulging in a negative activity regardless. The chances are that your loved one isn’t stupid. They know. It’s the contradictions in human beings that make us all so interesting!


It is very important that you try to talk to the smoker about their habit without arousing their suspicions as to your motive.

Try to ask questions about the benefits to them of smoking weed. Even this subject may antagonise them sometimes. If it does, let it go.

However, some smokers may agree that they need to stop smoking weed, in which case you can try to talk to them about what is bad about it.

Either way, the conversation should be more about listening than it should be about talking. The power of argument and reason is severely limited in this area.

Persuade by example

There’s no way you can tell someone to stop smoking weed. But you can show someone to stop smoking weed.

If you read some of the articles on this blog about how to stop smoking cannabis, you will find that I used self-hypnosis and meditation to stop. This new positive habit led me to a virtuous circle of exercising more, eating better and taking up more constructive hobbies.

All of these new experiences made me feel better and therefore the chances of me relapsing were severely reduced.

These life-changing positive habits don’t have to be confined to those battling with addiction! You can try them as well.

So read more challenging books, go out more, take more exercise, indulge yourself in different hobbies that interest you. Why? Because these are the things that weed completely robs from the people who have a bad cannabis habit. If you smoke all day in a way that is very negative, the first thing that goes is your spirit of childlike inquisitiveness, your spark of life, your joie de vivre, your ability to get up and go and try something new!

How to get someone to stop smoking weed

Your loved one is more likely to see what they’re missing if someone shows them rather than tells them!

What do you think?

Do you live with someone who has a weed habit that is detrimental to their health? What is the best way to help them achieve their potential?


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