How to stop smoking weed e-book and MP3

Do you want to stop smoking weed? You have come to the right place. I have written a book and recorded an MP3 about how to stop smoking weed.


Cannabis was great when I was a kid. I thought it was making me think differently and it could make mundane situations amazing and hysterical. However, it quickly became a daily routine to mask my boredom and lack of motivation. I lacked ability to engage with family members, friends and work colleagues. I was increasingly isolated and barely able to contribute to everyday life. Marijuana gave me a lifestyle that made me depressed.

Sound familiar?

I know with the increasingly powerful strains of the marijuana plant and the increasing easy supply of the drug that more and more ordinary people are finding themselves trapped within a cannabis prison.

Not wanting to carry on their lives as they are at the moment but unable to find the motivation to do anything about it.

This is understandable – it’s a totally new phenomenon. However, help is at hand!

My method for quitting cannabis

One day, through a passing interest in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) breathing exercises, meditation and self-hypnosis I made a unique discovery.

I remember walking around in the town smiling to myself and suddenly seeing the world in a new light. I was free of dependence and had increase motivation, inquisitiveness and happiness.

I thought it wouldn’t last and I would be back smoking weed again before too long. But, I never needed to smoke weed again, I never wanted to get high. I was cured!

In the e-book and emails that you will receive I will explain the method I used to give up smoking weed and cigarettes. They are accompanied by a particularly helpful MP3 which is a short recording that will help you relax and set you on your way to discover the amazing power of self-hypnosis.

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Other methods for giving up marijuana

However, everyone is different. Different people react differently to cannabis and because of this not everyone can give up using the same method.

There are methods such as Cold Turkey, Willpower, Fear, Neuro Linguistic Programming, etc. In the book I also write about several other methods you can use which include natural and chemical remedies.

You may have tried to give up before and ended up relapsing whilst getting back into the same old destructive habits.

In the book, where I detail different methods on how to give up smoking weed, I explain how to cope with relapse and how to keep positive in order to fight back against set-backs.

So, if you have any sort of issue with weed at all – or whether you know someone who does – please enter your email address in the box below and I will send you the free e-book and MP3 straightaway.