How to Stop Smoking Weed Everyday

Many people ask me how to stop smoking weed everyday because the more a habit forms deep in your subconscious, the more difficult it is to stop.


Weed can be psychologically addictive that quitting it can be challenging

Weed may not be very physically addictive – there are none of the acute withdrawal symptoms you get with quitting heroin or alcohol – however the psychological addiction to cannabis maybe even more of a challenge.

I’m not lecturing, by the way. If you like smoking weed – that’s fine by me. But, if you’ve had enough of rolling up spliffs and getting blasted everyday, here are some ideas on how you can attack the cravings and live a happy and successful life without weed.

Work out how much a year you spend on weed

Be honest! How often do you buy the stuff? Every week? How much do you spend? About $50? That’s over two and half grand a year – you could have bought a car with that. OK, maybe a not a decent car, but it’s a substantial amount of money.

Write a journal

When you encounter a big change in your life it’s really good to get your ideas on paper. You’ll be outside a comfort zone for a while and it’ll be important to keep grounded in some way and writing some from of diary is a great idea. Better still, set up a free blog at and do it digitally!

Write down the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis

And, while you’re in the writing mood, it’s a good idea to jot down the reasons you started smoking weed and why you continued to become a regular user of cannabis. This will help you discover why it became a big thing in your life and how you can get on without it.

Then write down all you hope to achieve in the months and years to come. Picture yourself in the future being free of having to smoke weed everyday – what will you be doing once the marijuana haze has gone?

Discover new hobbies

As you have found out – taking away cannabis can leave a large hole in your life. You’re going to need hobbies – lots of them. I don’t mean stamp collecting and needle point but you will find your mind opening up without pot so there will be room for more interests in your life.

And the more you practice these pastimes, the less likely you are to start smoking weed again. So, get creative! Remember some old forgotten hobbies you enjoyed before the weed habit took over. Get sporty! Exercise is the very best thing you can be doing. It releases endorphins, makes you feel better about yourself and it’s healthy! Get cooking! Your taste buds will come alive (because of giving up smoking, not because of munchies!) so you should experiment with healthy cooking. Discover new whole foods that you’ve never tasted before and savor the time you spend eating. Enjoy every mouthful, every chew!

Read! After a few days without marijuana you will find that your concentration improves and therefore your interest in books will increase and you’ll read more and learn more.

Relax with meditation and self-hypnosis

After giving up weed you may be a little on edge. Meditation can help you quit smoking weed. You can try yoga, breathing exercises, even self-hypnosis. Spending time healing your mind instead of ingratiating your body is a great thing to do.

Realise it’s not your fault!

Just because you’ve spent months smoking weed everyday doesn’t make you a bad person. You may have encountered panic attacks and paranoia from smoking weed and you may be feeling down generally. We’ve all been there. But all things must pass. You are an amazing person and you will see that soon!

Find a support group

There are more and more groups in communities all around the world dedicated to helping people with problems with weed. If you can find one in your local area it may be worth hooking up with them. You’re not on your own and it’s great to meet people in the same boat as you.

You may also like to consult a doctor about it if possible.

Spend time with people who care about you

Most people have loving family members that offer unconditional support. Spend time with these people and try to avoid friends you used to smoke weed with.

Online courses

There are a couple of good downloadable audio courses to help you stop smoking marijuana. Investing in one of these will prove to yourself that you are serious about this. I particularly enjoyed Gary Evan’s The Cannabis Coach and the Mighty Oak Inner Strength Guide.

What do you think?

Have you ever quit smoking weed for a long period of time? Has this been useful advice for you? These are the things that benefitted me on my journey – but everyone’s different.

There are plenty more things you can do that you can find out at this blog. Underneath this post you can find out about my FREE How to Stop Smoking Weed e-book and FREE Relaxation MP3 – you could download them and give them a try. Again, I would love to hear what you think.


How to Stop Smoking Weed


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