Marijuana Panic Attacks and Paranoia from Smoking Weed

There has long been an association between weed and paranoia and panic attacks.

woman with paranoid panic attacks from smoking marijuana weed

Marijuana can cause mild paranoid feelings, intense confusion, feelings of self-worthlessness and panic attacks

There has not been much research on the subject, but Italian scientists have found that low doses of the psychoactive chemical in weed can be calming while large amounts have the opposite effect.

Hearsay evidence certainly points towards the fact that most people who’ve smoked weed – if they’re honest – will have experienced paranoid feelings.

The range of paranoid feelings that weed can induce is huge. They include mild paranoid feelings that can be laughed off, through intense confusion, feelings of self-worthlessness to extreme paranoia. Many marijuana smokers report having had full blown panic attacks – either while smoking weed or at some other time.

Even though, these feelings may be mild, the stronger paranoid feelings are extremely unpleasant for the individuals experiencing them and, amazingly, online health forums are full of weed users asking: “how can I smoke weed without getting paranoid?”

The answer, of course, is to stop smoking weed.

But it’s not always that easy. I know that weed, even though it’s obviously not doing you any good, is still difficult to give up.

If you think you may be experiencing negative emotions as a result of smoking weed, and you are interested in trying to quit, then you may be interested in downloading my free e-book and relaxation MP3 to help you stop smoking weed.

What can you do about paranoia?

Unfortunately, not a great deal. You just have to give up smoking weed. You can try the relaxation and breathing exercises outlined in the above-mentioned free e-book and MP3, but as you will be stoned whilst you are experiencing this paranoid feelings this will be of limited value.

If you are experiencing paranoid feelings when you haven’t even been smoking then there’s plenty you can do. You can concentrate on your breathing and try to make sure you are conscious only of your breathing and try not to think about anything else.

This is easier said than done but, believe me, it does work!

If you have any recurring paranoia that is worrying you then the best thing to do is to consult your doctor. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t worry that you’ll be labelled as a pot smoker or that they will think you are wasting their time. If you are really worried about your mental balance you should always seek professional help.

What can you do about panic attacks?

Similarly with the above advice about paranoia, if you are really worried about panic attacks then you should consult a professional.

However, a simple panic attack will actually never harm you. A classic case of panic attack is caused by a slight increase in heart rate (caused by smoking or something else), you feel mild anxiety over the feeling in your chest, your heart rate increases still more, you get more anxious, your heart rate increases … so begins the vicious circle.

It’s good to know, then, that no one ever died of a panic attack. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with you. If you stop smoking weed you’ll probably not have one again.

Again, concentrating on your breathing and trying not to think about anything else will help. Although, if you are really worried you should talk to your doctor.

What do you think?

Have you ever had anxiety, paranoia or panic attacks due to weed? What have you done to counter-act them?


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  1. Smokeweedeveryday says

    Most of this information is disturbingly inaccurate (as is much of the anti pot propaganda that self interested industries fund and promote). There actually has been much government research done, just not released to the general public. Why? They discovered there is absolutely nothing harmful about smoking weed. In fact, there have been zero deaths directly attributed to THC (the compound in marijuana that binds to your naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in your body) while alcohol, a legal substance, is responsible for Upwards of 100,000 deaths a year. Maybe it’s time to get off the prozac and responsibly appreciate mother nature’s natural anti depressant.

    • This site is called “GiveUpWeed” and exists to help people who want to stop smoking weed. If you are disturbed by this and opinions that go against what you think I suggest you navigate to other websites.

  2. i am not a smoker of weed but if i smell it i have panic attack cant resist it my hear beat increased and ma be low blood pressure, once upon a time i was with my friends they are smoking and i am just sitting with them after 10 min i found some thing going wrong with me and suddenly i cant see its become black and after a min i cant hear i try to eat a salt after 30 min it back to normal but i am panic about it and now i smell it become worst to handle and some time i cant avoid to smell please please help me i dont want to smoke just want to normal when some body is smoking i am really thankfull to you

  3. This is true believe it or not, last night which was Easter, so i was out at a party. Anyways me and a couple of my friends smoked some weed, it wasn’t that really dank shit like drow, it was just normal reggae. Now keep in mind that within the past couple of weeks i have been struggling with anxiety. I would have fear of going crazy which if you’ve had experience anxiety then you know what i mean. Anyways they pressured me into smoking which i knew probably wouldn’t be a good idea because of my current state of anxiety at the time, but i did it anyways. Next thing that happened is i took my first hit and i started coughing real bad, so i asked for a drink which in turn they hand me soda, which i didn’t care at the time because, well, i was high! so all of a sudden it hit me. I stared feeling really anxious, worrying about this, worrying about that, i actually became so panicky and worry to the point that i left the party and went home. From there it was a scary walk home, everything was echoing, it felt like my whole body was being tied down by weights, my heart beat hurt worse, and worse, and it got louder, and louder. But i kept level headed cause i knew it was only temporary, and i also knew if i got home and took my mind off my self i would feel much better, which is what happened.

    Note: I have experience a full blown panic attack on spice, or otherwise known as synthetic weed

    • Thanks for your story, Keith, I’m not sure if it matters what you’re smoking. It depends on your mood and other factors. Generally speaking, though, the less you smoke the less problems of this sort you will experience.

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