Hello there. This is a site for discussing and developing tips and ideas for giving up weed.

Marijuana has been used by humans for at least five millennia. The herb’s active ingredient can be used for religious, recreational, and medicinal and spiritual reasons.

We all know what it does and that people smoke it. But, as the strength of weed that is purchased over the world increases, it seems that a number of users are unhappy about their habit and wish to give it up.

Marijuana is illegal in most countries and this site does not judge those that choose to use it. This site does, however, attempt to deliver people from a weed habit that is recognised as harmful to the user.

I am Jim. I run this site. I have found through my extensive research into nicotine addiction that there is an immense demand for material that will help people give up weed. I was surprised myself when I discovered this quite by accident one day. However, I do remember how easy it was for me to get into the habit of smoking recreational drugs everyday. At the time I thought I was being anti-establishment and bohemian. But in reality I was closing myself from my family and my friends and it was creating a barrier between me and my personal development.

Whether marijuana is addictive is debatable. Whether dope is good or bad for you is an argument for another day. That it serves spiritual and medicinal purposes is true. But these are not subjects for this blog.

We are only here to help people give up weed if they want to.

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How to Stop Smoking Weed


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