Beat your weed addiction with St John’s Wort

There’s a misconception about marijuana that just because you’re not injecting it intravenously you’re not forming an addiction, but the fact is that you can become addicted to pretty much anything that alters your brain composition.

Beat your weed addiction with St John's Wort

While the addictive qualities of marijuana are relatively mild compared to other substances such as nicotine, you’re still likely to feel the effects of imbalanced hormones in the brain that can lead to feelings of withdrawal and cravings that impact your ability to quit for good.

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that is responsible for the happy, mellow feeling that some users experience is also known to cause paranoia and affect your sleeping habits. Many habitual marijuana users find their ability to sleep is impacted by their weed addiction and find themselves falling back on their old habits to avoid the withdrawals. Unfortunately, this just continues the cycle and keeps throwing your body’s regular processes out of whack. By including a regimen of supplements like St John’s Wort along with a healthy diet, meditation and exercise you’ll greatly improve your ability to quit weed for good.

What is St John’s Wort?

St John’s Wort is a supplement derived from a yellow-flowered herb that grows wild across Europe as well as some parts of Asia and America. In recent years it has developed an impressive reputation for its abilities to treat and manage mental disorders including mild depression and anxiety, as well as a wide range of physical ailments. It was long hailed as a miracle herb and given to treat everything from aches and pains to mood swings, but recent research has shown that thanks to the ability of chemicals in St John’s Wort to block and inhibit chemical receptors in the brain it is actually an incredibly effective treatment for a host of ailments.

How can St John’s Wort help me to quit weed?

When you’re quitting something like marijuana cold turkey you’re left dealing with hormone imbalances in the brain that affect your mood, your metabolism, your body clock and your brain’s ability to function. These imbalances leave you with feelings of depression and anxiety, not to mention a sleep cycle that leaves a lot to be desired. You might find yourself getting those same old cravings and thinking that maybe you should start quitting next week instead.

St John’s Wort uses its anti-depressant qualities to help regulate your mood by inhibiting your brain’s ability to absorb chemicals like dopamine and serotinin, which is what leaves you feeling low and anxious as the marijuana leaves your system. Once your hormones have been corrected your body clock and metabolism start to even out which will allow you to return to a proper sleeping schedule without the fog of weed clouding your brain.

When you combine St John’s Wort with meditation and exercise you’re able to give your body the ability to self regulate its hormone levels and relax without the need for the detrimental assistance from THC.


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