Beat your weed addiction with St John’s Wort

There’s a misconception about marijuana that just because you’re not injecting it intravenously you’re not forming an addiction, but the fact is that you can become addicted to pretty much anything that alters your brain composition. While the addictive qualities of marijuana are relatively mild compared to other substances such as nicotine, you’re still likely to […]

Is It Time For Rehab? 4 Ways To Know It’s Time Your Loved Ones Need Help

Trying to distinguish a recreational activity from a full-blown addiction in a family member can be a difficult task. No mother, father, grandparent or relative wants to believe that the person he or she loves is out of control and needs professional help. However, such a person will need the family’s support if he or […]

Weed and Porn Addiction

This is an extract from an email from Franco de Stefano (name changed) who wrote to us recently about his problem with marijuana and pornography. “I have been smoking weed since I was 16. At first it was just once or twice a week. But it soon became more regular. Nowadays, it’s pretty much all […]

Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Marijuana Use

Can cannabis use cause agoraphobia? Yes. Sure, some people will tell you that marijuana relaxes them and helps them lose inhibitions making them less anxious. But, there is an increasing problem with people who are almost homebound, isolated and agoraphobic due to smoking weed. Many people can be found on the internet desperately searching for […]

Am I Addicted to Weed? Take Our Test!

In addition to the debate as to whether cannabis is addictive or not. Many people contact this website and ask me “am I addicted to weed or not?” Many people wonder, after a while smoking marijuana, that the harmless herb isn’t a more problematic substance. Have you found yourself wondering if you’re smoking too much? […]

Cannabis Addiction

When we first started smoking cannabis it seemed a harmless natural high that connected us to our friends, music, art, food. We could take it or leave it. “Cannabis Addiction” was such a foreign concept. We laughed when we heard the older generation tell us of the “evils of marijuana”. Marijuana is not evil, we […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed