Beat your weed addiction with St John’s Wort

There’s a misconception about marijuana that just because you’re not injecting it intravenously you’re not forming an addiction, but the fact is that you can become addicted to pretty much anything that alters your brain composition. While the addictive qualities of marijuana are relatively mild compared to other substances such as nicotine, you’re still likely to […]

Cannabis Use Linked to Ectopic Pregnancy

Giving up smoking weed has immediate benefits for pregnant women, improving the health of both the mother and the child they are carrying. Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide will clear from the body quickly, but it is important to bear in mind that smoking can cause problems from conception. According to the NHS Choices […]

Why you should give up smoking weed

OK. We’re not demanding here. We’re not saying: “You SHOULD give up smoking weed!” Everybody’s free to do what they want to themselves. Right? However, if you are interested in the possible benefits of giving up you should read on. What weed does to the brain Not only does the human brain produces its own […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed