Weed Makes You Stupid

A recent study concluded that teenagers that use marijuana are associated with reduced intelligence. A lot of research into cannabis has been political, superficial and quick to point the finger at drug users. However these researchers were at pains to do the job right. They followed more than 1000 people from their birth to age […]

Lack of Self-Esteem and Weed

There is no doubt that marijuana effects different people in different ways. For me, smoking weed would definitely lower my sense of self-esteem. I used to feel great while I was smoking it – at first. But, as my smoking habit increased, I found it harder and harder to speak to other people while I […]

Why your friends don’t want you to stop smoking weed

We love our friends. We’ve been through so much with them. We’d do anything for them. In an uncertain world you can always count on your friends to offer support. Always? Well, until you want to stop smoking weed that is. Then you’ll find out who your friends really are! It turns out that some […]

12 ways to get high without smoking weed

So, you’ve given up cannabis or your thinking about it and I get asked all the time how am I going to get high without smoking weed. And other questions like these: What do I do when I feel bored? How will I sleep at night? Can I replace the high? What will I do […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed