Quit Weed using Meditation

Marijuana is the most used illicit drug in the world, having over 200 slang terms ascribed to it; pot, grass, Mary-Jane, and, of course, weed. Weed works in the brain, affecting and changing the chemistry to cause a range of different effects in the user; from mellow, giggling relaxation to taut, hungry paranoia. The active […]

Meditation To Stop Smoking Weed

It may look odd to see someone sitting in complete silence and think that they are improving their physical and mental fortitude, but there are plenty of reasons if you wish to quit smoking weed that you should consider the art of meditation. The health advantages of meditation have long been known by doctors and […]

Free Relaxation MP3 to Stop Smoking Weed

Human beings have tremendous capacity for natural happiness which is ten times greater than the “highs” brought about by drugs. We all already know this but modern life clouds our judgement. For this reason I have created a free relaxation MP3 to help people stop smoking weed – if they want to. You can find […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed