How To Stop Smoking Weed

Although there is no physical withdrawal from marijuana, the psychological hold it has on you may feel tough to break. It’s easy to fall into the habit of smoking weed.


It can be easy to quit too. If you follow some simple tips and are willing to make changes, you can stop smoking weed and get back to living a healthy, happy and weed free lifestyle. There are a range of varied methods you can utilise to help you quit and you can find the benefits of some of them outlined below.


Before you begin, plan out what you’re going to do to help yourself quit in a journal, note pad or wall chart. If you set yourself visual goals and tasks, it is more likely you will be motivated to achieve them. Just as with structuring any goal, structure your approach to quitting marijuana, you’ll find that achieving the goals will give you a great sense of self worth and accomplishment, a feeling you may’ve lost touch with.


Quitting weed can leave you feeling very stressed and seeing as this is often the cause of relapse, finding ways to neutralise this feeling is essential. Meditation is a great way to relax and centre your thoughts. There are many different ways to meditate including with music, so you can easily find a method that suits you. There are a variety of guides online to meditating or if you’d prefer to have some guidance, many gyms, health centres and community programs offer meditation classes.

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis

It is hard to treat a mental addiction in the same way as a physical one, there is no marijuana patch to help reduce your cravings. Hypnosis and self hypnosis can be the answer to marijuana addiction. Many professional clinics offer a session or series of sessions where a professional will provide hypnotherapy, regarded by many as the most effective form of psychological intervention. If you feel you would rather try yourself, there are guides online that can help you, so research all you can and then see which method you think is right for you.

Hobbies and Activities

Quitting smoking weed will undoubtedly leave a large time gap in your life and you’ll need ways to fill it and keep boredom away. It’s likely you’ll find that once quitting you have a renewed interest in trying new experiences and hobbies. Try taking up a sport or craft you’ve always wanted to learn; exercise is especially good as it is healthy and causes us to release endorphins. Pick up reading again, without weed clouding your mind you’ll find you can concentrate for longer and enjoy soaking in information and entertainment.

Support Groups

Meeting and talking with a group of likeminded individuals can be of immeasurable help, just knowing others who are going through the same problems as you can help motivate you to keep weed free. Search for local community groups that deal with addiction and find one that is right for you.

What you can do now!

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How to Stop Smoking Weed


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