I want to stop smoking weed

My heart skips a beat, I strain to listen, my head is crammed full of things to say and ask, each time one of my friends, in a state of dire desperation says to me: “I want to stop smoking weed”.

I know where they’re at: they’ve hit bottom … again. Weeks and weeks of smoking everyday has finally caught up with them.

to stop smoking weed

There are many reasons why people will want to stop smoking weed

It’s always something different that triggers it. Either they’ve spent the whole of a beautiful sunny day inside watching TV, or they’ve messed up an opportunity – maybe a job or maybe a liaison with the opposite sex.

Something has shocked even them about their behavior and it has forced them to look at their life differently.

Why do I have to get high all the time?

That’s what they’re asking me. It used to be fun. We’d go out at the weekend, smoke weed, think we were clever and go home. Later, we grew up, got jobs, or didn’t, and get high every night. Why?

What was so bad about our lives that we had to escape from it everyday? Boredom? Lack of opportunities? Bad luck? All the challenges that many people have faced in life, and yet they didn’t resort to taking a herbal high as much as we did.

I used to get high all the time but now I don’t

The changes were imperceptible at first. After the first few weeks, only those really close to me would have known. My mind was clearer, my plans a little more focused. In fact the physical appearance caught my family’s eye at first, my skin was more healthy, my eyes brighter, that hacking cough that followed me round was suddenly absent.

However, after only a few months, people were amazed to see the transformation from an insecure, self-conscious wallflower type to the self-confident young man who ran his own businesses!

Other people certainly noticed the difference. And some wanted a piece of it.

How I stopped smoking weed

So, what do I say to people when they say “I want to stop smoking weed”? The reality is so difficult explain and improbable.

You have to plan it properly. You might have started smoking without thinking and on a whim, however, the decision to stop smoking can not be taken so lightly.

You need to completely change your mindset and alter your habits from ones that affect you negatively to those that affect you positively.

Start exercising more, meet new people, eat different food, re-discover your childlike inquisitiveness.

For me, it all started from an interest in psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. I wanted to know what made people tick and what made me tick. Why was I so unhappy at a young age when I had seemingly everything going for me?

Several books I had read recommended meditation and self-hypnosis as great ways to be at one with yourself and challenge negative behaviors.

There is a lot of information on this site about how to do this. You can also download an e-book under this article entitled “How to stop smoking weed” which contains vital information about how to hypnotize yourself into giving up any vice.

Seek out the help of a professional

It’s hard enough trying to do this all by yourself, that is why so many of us relapse after a few days. Get the help of a professional or a support group to guide you through those crucial early weeks.

I would also seriously recommend you get the Cannabis Coach Audio Program. It consists of a 5-part MP3 audio course followed by worksheets. The audio courses are spoken in a smooth, relaxing voice detailing methods that got countless people off cannabis. The worksheets then re-enforce what you’ve been taught to check you’ve got it all straight.

A quitting weed course like this will give you extra strength and hope through the dark days – and nights – after you’ve finally decided to give up weed.

The future is bright

It will be difficult but the long-term benefits of quitting weed far outweigh the short-term unpleasantness. You will find positive physical and mental changes taking place almost instantaneously. You will wake up feeling better, you’ll get more done, you’ll think clearer and be more attractive to the opposite sex!

It’s not your fault you became dependent on this lifestyle and it’s no crime to find giving it up so difficult. But you can do it. If you need any help, just get in touch.


How to Stop Smoking Weed


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