Lack of Self-Esteem and Weed

There is no doubt that marijuana effects different people in different ways. For me, smoking weed would definitely lower my sense of self-esteem.


Prolonged marijuana use can cause a lack of self-esteem and isolation from the outside world

I used to feel great while I was smoking it – at first. But, as my smoking habit increased, I found it harder and harder to speak to other people while I was stoned.

Lack of self-esteem in certain situations

I’d say to myself, “oh, I can’t get on with these people because they’re not my type”. But I was kidding myself.

This didn’t seem much at first. You go through life and people travel through it with you. Some stay for all of your life and some for only a short time. But then, I started to realise that I had jettisoned quite a few good friends who weren’t smokers and most of the people I was spending time with were smokers.

When I was with other people (non-smokers) I was always worrying about what they thought about me.

  • “Did he look at me in a funny way?”
  • “What does she think of me?”
  • “Those people didn’t seem to want to be with me!”

These and other thoughts would crowd my mind causing me to seek further refuge with other weed smokers who, I thought, shared my world view.

The opposite of sex

This situation was made worse when I interacted with the opposite sex. I was useless at talking to girls.

First of all, if I had been smoking I’d be anxious talking to people anyway. That was bad enough. Women want to talk to a guy who’s nice and relaxed.

Then if I did get talking to someone I was attracted to and it didn’t go well, I would become more anxious and things would get worse. But, even more worrying, if I was talking to someone who did seem to like me, it would also cause me to become more anxious and it would never lead to anything!

Problems in life

Lots of people will judge you. Everybody has disagreements. And bad things happen.

When you’re already isolated and when you’ve already built your cocoon, you are less able to cope with hard times when disaster strikes.

You are more likely to develop a sense of persecution as you have less of a support structure than you would have if you hadn’t closed yourself off so much.

That’s what happened to me. I cursed my luck and raged against the world for putting me in this bad place.

The funny thing was, it wasn’t the world that put me there. It was me!

This was the weed causing paranoia which made me want to isolate myself against the outside world. This is never a good option. We are all part of the outside world. The two things are indistinguishable.

It wasn’t until I stopped smoking weed regularly that I could see clearly how much my life had been effected by it.

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How to Stop Smoking Weed



  1. Dazza_bhoy says

    Been smokin weed since I was 16 and am now 45 days away from being 40. Never thought bout it til I was writing this but that’s just bout 24 years….fuck me, I honestly didn’t realise that! Am shocked! It’s not recreational, I smoke every day and have done for probably 15 years. Am not part of a group and have successfully isolated myself from everyone except my wife and kids, I hate people. I stopped for a couple of weeks once and nothing changed except I wasn’t stoned any more. Birds still sang, sun still shone and I couldn’t sleep. The crazy thoughts never went away which was disappointing. And that metallic taste in my mouth was driving me insane. Hope this makes sense to someone anyone…I need help please.

    • I hear you, Dazza. You’re not alone. Plenty of people end up in the place you’re at and the joy of coming out the other side is amazing! At least you still have your wife and kids.

      I quit smoking by the self-hypnosis method that I detail in the penultimate chapter of the free e-book, “Give up smoking weed my way” . You could try to give this method a go. It’ll quieten down your crazy thoughts.

  2. Thank you sincerely for replying, I will give the book a read and hopefully something good comes of it because I can’t keep going like this…realised earlier on I may be going insane. Thank you.

  3. Tah Valery says

    I heavily smoked weed for about 3years and stopped for over 4years now but I don’t seem happier and confident like I used to be I spend most of my time overthinking just anything and my emotions have not been stable .even performing simple task seems uninteresting to me ,I think very shallowly , mostly depressed , picked up lazy habits etc.what do I do???

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