Mighty Oak Stop Smoking Marijuana Review

Here I’m going to review the Mighty Oak Stop Smoking Marijuana course which is a training program that can get you to stop smoking weed within 4 to 8 weeks.

The Mighty Oak Training Program to Stop Smoking Marijuana

The Mighty Oak Training Program to Stop Smoking Marijuana

98.7% Success Rate!

All successful training courses have one thing in common – testing. This course has been painstakingly researched and tested on real people with real weed addictions.

After endless changing and tweaking the course currently enjoys a 98.7% Success Rate! And there are some glowing testimonials:

“I was smoking weed for 10 years … but I couldn’t stop. I had tried other methods to stop smoking weed but they didn’t work. Your program helped me discover the reason behind my marijuana addiction and then taught me new ways to deal with them.”

“I felt like I needed weed all the time. It was ruining my life and I just couldn’t stop on my own. Until I found your program.”

These are heart-wrenching stories that I am familiar with. I get emails everyday from desperate people who want to quit marijuana but don’t know how. It’s great to finally read some success stories!

Mighty Oak Stop Smoking Marijuana training course

The training course is offered by one William Jones, a life coach with a history of marijuana addiction, drug busts and numerous failed attempts to quit. He had even tried Narcotic Anonymous’s 12 step program and, although he’d felt uneasy during the treatment, he’d still successfully quit cannabis for 9 long months before relapsing, again!

William Jones finally succeeded in his quest to stop smoking weed after having contacted Ben Gladden, a certified addiction treatment specialist.

It was Ben’s advice, plus research into other 12-step programs, that gave William the information and education needed to be able to create the Mighty Oak Stop Smoking Marijuana program.

Mighty Oak Stop Smoking Marijuana

So, what’s in the training course?

The training course consists of three main modules: Introduction, Principles and Training.


The introduction focuses on will power, being a combination of self-control and self-discipline. And these two elements can be further sub-divided making four quadrants: self-reliance, self-determination, self-regard and self-respect. And these four personal qualities have a symbiotic relationship. Strengthening one area can lead to an increase in an other. And one must nurture all four quadrants to improve one’s will.


There are many courses within the personal development scene that put an accent on having a plan and the second main module of the course sets out some rules and principles that will give you a plan of action.

One of the main keys into unlocking an addiction is monitoring. I always like to write about the importance of watching one’s thoughts. Huge breakthroughs can be made when one watches the thought processes that lead to positive or negative assumptions.

The course explains in great detail how the wrong assumptions can be reached due to lack of information or how incorrect feelings or actions can come about as a result of the wrong stimuli. The course teaches our minds to become aware of negative and dangerous stimuli that can cause us to contemplate succombing to our addictions. This is practical and actionable advice that will be of great benefit to the long-term weed smoker.


The third module of the training program is where it really comes into it’s own. This is a day-by-day, week-by-week breakdown of what you must do in order to stop smoking weed.

Here are some examples of exercises set out on various days in the training programme:

  • look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a compliment
  • hold your head up and look someone in the eyes and smile
  • drink plenty of water
  • try to learn something new
  • help someone

… and many more. These little tasks on specific days will all add up to point your personal calendar towards your first day without marijuana.

How to Stop Smoking Weed

The Mighty Oak course is extremely clever. I had to read it through a few time before I could spot the rhythm and the reason behind all the little hints and advices that William puts into it.

The course is aimed to subtly increase your confidence and happiness so that smoking marijuana becomes totally unnecessary and futile. You will actually not want to smoke another joint if you do everything in this course.

But there are extra stings in the tail! William introduces psychological framing techniques to allow you to face temptation and resist as a result of powerful visualisations. These methods are familiar to anyone who has been exposed to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

There are extra motivation exercises, extra willpower replenishers, extra distractors. No stone is left unturned so that you are 110% ready to face the world without weed.

What else is in the course?

This isn’t all! There is also a toolkit that contains coping strategies, distractors, questionnaires, etc., these are referred to in the main body of the course and are helpful life-hacks in their own right!

Would you recommend the course?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Mighty Oak Stop Smoking Marijuana course to anyone who needs help quitting weed.

It is extremely thorough, well-thought out and painstakingly well-researched. If I’d found this course 20 years ago, how different would my life be now?! Well, it’s no good thinking that now!

All I can do is to recommend it to you guys! Get the course as this will give you some much needed structure to your efforts in quitting weed!

As always, I welcome your comments about this review in the comments section.


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