Quitting Cannabis – how do I get through the first week?

We all know that when it comes to quitting cannabis – or giving up any habit that has been a large part of your life – the first few days are extremely important.


The first week without cannabis is all important and is when most of the relapses occur

There are many things you should do once you have decided to stop smoking weed. You need to have a plan before you even start your new life without cannabis. But, in the first week there are a number of do’s and don’ts that can help you stay off pot for good.

Out of your comfort zone time passes by so slowly

Once you have stopped smoking marijuana for at least 24 hours after a lengthy period of getting stoned everyday, you will start to notice many changes.

You will experience the time pass slower than before. This will be especially noticeable around the times you used to smoke weed – if you were an evening smoker, you will experience this towards the end of the day.

Weed, for some people, is like a comfort blanket, a warm and familiar covering without which life seems difficult.

However, the experience of time passing more slowly and the fact that you are now outside your comfort zone will be the cause of some beneficial changes in your life.


Time can be the biggest killer when you've just quit cannabis

The sudden increase of time with seemingly nothing to do will cause you to find new ways to occupy yourself.

How to relieve the boredom

You should try to indulge yourself with any hobby that you can. You may like to resurrect old pastimes that you’d given up or seek out new avenues of occupation. Either way here are some ideas of what to do with this new found time:

  • Visit your local library. Libraries give us power. They’re not just for nerds. There’s something else that’s great about them: they’re free. Try out books and subjects here that may interest you. You don’t have to read them, just have a look at the first few pages rather than buying books on Amazon.
  • Take up a new exercise routine. I’ve talked a lot about how exercise can help you overcome a cannabis addiction but you may find it more useful to start a martial art or yoga. Karate, Judo, Tai Chi, Pilates, Capoeira, Boxing, Weight Watchers, Boxercise, Circuits, Body Combat, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Aikido or just jogging – are all fantastic ideas at this stage.
  • Use the internet and social media to find people to meet up with in your local area with similar interests to yours.
  • Cook a meal that is both delicious and really cheap. See if you can cook a meal for two with ingredients that cost less than $5. This will put you on course to discover the joys of eating fresh vegetables and other healthy foods which is essential to keep your strength up during this trying time.

These are ideas of what to do on your own but, of course, it’s essential that you also think of things to do with your partner or family.

  • Organize outings with your loved ones. Pick a place of interest to go to explore, take and packed lunch and go for a walk. This is an activity that can be great fun and won’t cost much more than staying indoors.
  • Play games. Get out some old board games or playing cards. This is a great activity you can enjoy with your loved ones.

If many of these suggestions may seem trite I apologise as I don’t want to appear corny. Different people will find different activities to take the place of the weed. The trick is keep looking for things to do to fill the gap and know that eventually these bad feelings will pass.

Avoid your triggers

Just in the same way you need to find hobbies or ways to fight boredom, you should also avoid all situations or people that used to be triggers for you to smoke marijuana. Avoid certain groups of friends you used to smoke with and avoid certain situations where you know cannabis will be freely available. It makes sense not to put temptation in your way during this stage.

The first week is absolutely critical

You are most likely to relapse in the first week of quitting cannabis so the most important thing is to be on your toes and find a solution quickly to any feelings of boredom or unpleasantness that could result in a desire to start smoking weed again.

Many of these points and more are discussed in the Cannabis Coach Audio Program – a series of MP3’s you can download that will help you stop smoking weed and keep you clear of cannabis during the first week and beyond. If you’re interested there’s a link to the course’s page below this post.

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