How to Get a Loved One to Stop Smoking Cannabis

Many people come to this blog wanting to know how to stop smoking weed. However, I also receive a lot of mail from wives, boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, fathers, sons, etc., of cannabis smokers who ask me how to get a loved one to stop smoking cannabis. The answers are quite different from the […]

Why your friends don’t want you to stop smoking weed

We love our friends. We’ve been through so much with them. We’d do anything for them. In an uncertain world you can always count on your friends to offer support. Always? Well, until you want to stop smoking weed that is. Then you’ll find out who your friends really are! It turns out that some […]

Giving Up Weed – Checklist

We all know why you should give up weed but how do you give up weed? Habits are defined as routines of behavior that are repeated regularly. After a while the habit occurs subconsciously – smoking and becoming stoned may be deep routed in your subconscious. It’s a dog’s life Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is an […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed