What to think about before you next buy weed

Do you say to yourself “I don’t have to smoke weed all the time but I do”? Are you depressed at the amount you smoke? As soon as your personal amount runs dry are you phoning people up trying to get hold of more? If so here are a few things to think about before you next buy weed.


If you're disappointed that you have tried to stop smoking weed before and failed here are some things to think about next time.

Life can be a challenge. And we all try different things to help us through a bad day. But if your way of alleviating pain actually harms you and/or others, action needs to be taken. Maybe you’ve tried to cut down or stop in the past but keep on reverting to the same old regular habit? You’re not a bad person. You can find help here if you want it.

A mindset change may be the answer. Just before you make that call and consign yourself to another week of watching TV and not getting much done, here are a few things you could think about.

The short-term effects of weed

The short term effects of cannabis are: loss of coordination, lack of cognitive ability, distorted perception, reduced blood pressure, increased heart rate, anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic.

All of which may be fine for certain short periods of life when you’ve got nothing important planned. But what if something important happens that is unplanned? You get a phone call from a relative that’s fallen sick? What if something urgent happens at work? What if somebody suddenly wants picking up or some close friend needs some heart-felt advise? You will be unable to deal with these unforeseen situations.

Longer-term effects of weed

The active ingredient in cannabis is called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC acts on cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells and influences the activity of those cells. Prolonged marijuana use can therefore cause delusions, hallucinations, disorientation, impaired memory, amongst other problems. Erectile problems and low sperm counts in men; slowing of growth in unborn foetuses in women.

It could give you cancer

Inhaling the smoke of anything is dangerous. However, cannabis joints will put more carcinogenic hydrocarbons into your blood stream than cigarettes will. Weed smokers inhale deeper and hold the smoke in their lungs longer. So the lungs are exposed to carcinogens.

It could give you a heart attack

As discussed, marijuana can cause your heart to beat by as many as 20 to 50 beats more per minute. Add this to the lower blood pressure and researchers found that the risk for a heart attack is 4 times higher an hour after smoking weed compared with any other time.

Physical symptoms

Cancer and heart attacks aside there are many more physical side-effects to be aware of: heavy coughing, increased daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent chest complaints, increased risk of lung infections, obstructed airways, burning and stinging of the mouth and throat, etc.

Physical effects

In addition to the dangerous physical health concerns there are the superficial physical changes the body undergoes after smoking. These include: discoloration of the teeth, inflamed or infected gums, premature-greying of hair, skin can become dry and wrinkly and even the whites of the eye can be made dull and stained.

You are participating in a murderous trade

The guy you by the gear from maybe a friend who is doing it just to earn a little money. And the guy he bought it from, the same. But the further up the chain you will find that people have been killed, women have been raped and children have been kidnapped as a direct result of people catering to your habit. Furthermore, the money you have been paying has been ending up in the pockets of the people who have been responsible for some of the worst crimes imaginable.

The drug trade in Mexico led to 11,000 killings in 2010 alone. Mexico provides the US with an estimated 90% of it’s marijuana.

You can say that this is nothing to do with you and that these people are dying because of the inability of governments to deal with the drugs trade and that legalization will put an end to all this. And, who knows, you may be right. Although it’s unlikely.

The situation we have at the moment is that endless suffering and poverty is being meted out on poorer populations and if you smoke weed you are a part of that problem whether you like it or not.

Good things

Let’s not get too down-hearted. Everyone has their problems. The best thing we can do is to face our problems with dignity and grace.

There is more good in the world than bad. Think about what makes you happy. Think of your mother, your children, the good things in your life.

Use meditation and self-hypnosis to control your thoughts so that you don’t go down the same routes in your mind that end up with a call to buy more weed.

You’ve smoked enough weed. There’s no great need to smoke it again and again. See how long you can go without it this time. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Let me know what you think

Please bear in mind that no one’s telling you to do anything here. This is a website for people who want to give up smoking weed. If you are smoking weed and don’t feel you have a problem, that’s fine! I’m happy for you. Although I’d ask you one thing. Please can you go away to a another website and leave your comments there!

Do these issues concern you? I would love to read your comments here!


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