Why do people smoke weed?

There are quite simply millions of people smoking weed at this moment. Why is it that people smoke cannabis?

There are many words for weed: marijuana, grass, dope, pot, weed, mull, hash, hash oil, maryjane, blunt, joints, cannabis, reefer, bong hit, skunk, resin, leb, the list is endless. And amazingly there are probably as many reasons why people smoke.


The reason most people start smoking is social. People start in their early years and the experience of smoking is very often a positive one. It was not only enjoyable to smoke but it introduced the smoker into a social circle that they were happy to be part of. This social proof positive of weed is a very hard association to break.

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Smoking marijuana can start in social situations

Weed may confirm and cement a lot of social relationships within a smoker’s life. It is important for the ex-smoker to realise that these are just associations and giving up the weed won’t equate to giving up on the relationships.


There are plenty of medical reasons to smoke marijuana. Weed can help relieve AIDs and cancer sufferers and can ease menstrual cramps. US States such as California have initiatives to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is also known to relieve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and post-traumatic stress syndrome.


Rastafarians use cannabis to enhance their consciousness of the relationship between God and the individual soul. The Sikhs from the Punjab in India use cannabis, or Sukhnidhan in religious texts, to connect with their spiritual side. Many smokers suggest their use of the drug is to connect, at least in part, with a metaphysical side of life.


But most smokers of the cannabis plant do so for recreational reasons, similar to drinking alcohol. The simple answer is that people do it because they enjoy it and they wouldn’t do it otherwise. However, an enjoyable habit in one’s early years can, for some, evolve into an anti-social and unpleasant habit that they are at pains to stop.

What to do if you want to stop smoking weed

For whatever reason that you started smoking weed, if you think that your habit is affecting your life more negatively than it is positively then, congratulations! You are being honest enough with yourself that you have managed to admit that. Many people continue to smoke weed habitually without coming to terms with the harm it is doing to them mentally and physically.

There may be drug counseling centers in your neighborhood. You will need to prepare yourself and address your situation. The habit of smoking weed maybe deeply ingrained into your psyche and the perceived need to get high maybe hiding somewhere in your subconscious. You may want to look into the reasons you started and try to find arguments against them in order to address this situation.

When you are giving up a substance such as this you may seek professional advice as it’s sometimes not easy to fight this on your own. If this is the case you could be better of contacting the cannabis coach or someone who has a proven track record in stopping people taking marijuana.

It may be the difference between you living a happy and healthy smoke-free life and carrying on with habits that are de-motivating and harmful to your health. You are the most important person in your life and only you can make this decision one way or the other.


How to Stop Smoking Weed



  1. Kenneth S says

    i know i smoke for medicinal purposes but even when i dont have marijuana its not something i think about all day everyday but when i do smoke it relaxes me and calms me, just ask my family and friends.

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