Why you should give up smoking weed

OK. We’re not demanding here. We’re not saying: “You SHOULD give up smoking weed!” Everybody’s free to do what they want to themselves. Right?

However, if you are interested in the possible benefits of giving up you should read on.

What weed does to the brain

Not only does the human brain produces its own natural cannabinoids, it also has receptors specifically for cannabinoids. Thankfully, there aren’t any cannabinoid receptors anywhere else in the body, so marijuana does not affect the ability to breathe or any other bodily function.


Weed smokers can see themselves as "lost"

However, the smoker can experience a loss of motor control and can have difficulty concentrating. Someone who has smoked weed suffers from the same lack of judgment and poor coordination as a person who has been drinking. Many driving accidents have been caused by people under the influence of cannabis.

Frequent use can undermine a pupil’s ability in school or a worker’s capability on the job as marijuana affects memory and learning.

Interestingly, scientists have recently concluded that marijuana does not affect motivation, however anecdotal evidence certainly suggests that “stoners” aren’t considered to be the most enthusiastic people! The drug affects short-term memory and the brain’s ability to process new information.

What cannabis does to the lungs

There are possibly 100 chemicals in marijuana and more research needs to be done on the various contents of a cannabis puff.

Many weed smokers unfortunately smoke the substance mixed with tobacco in a filter-less “spliff” or “reefer”. This means the harmful smoke is inhaled more deeply than cigarette smoke.

Even without mixing with cigarettes, marijuana smoke contains the same cancer-causing compounds as tobacco including tar, benzanthrene, and benzpyrene. So smoking cannabis daily or even occasionally for a period of years therefore increases the risk of lung cancer and heart attack.

Anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks

Marijuana smokers regularly complain of anxiety or paranoia. This can occur whilst under the influence of the drug or during periods of withdrawal. For many, this causes a withdrawal from their family, friends and community.

man alone empty room

Prolonged cannabis smoking can cause partial withdrawal from friends and family

It is not known what causes these periods of intense paranoia but, again, the anecdotal evidence is compelling. People have been known to shut themselves in doors and not to answer their phone or answer the door bell until the effects of the drug wear off.

Prolonged usage is said to cause a complete withdrawal of otherwise outward going personalities into a world that is completely defined by the drug. In other words smokers feel only able to communicate and commune with other smokers and this can cause a great strain in families.

Paranoia and anxiety can inevitably give way to panic attacks in extreme circumstances.

What giving up weed can do

There is an ongoing debate over the addictive capacity of marijuana. Certainly occasional use rarely results in addiction. However there are a number of possible symptoms associated with cannabis withdrawal which would suggest an addictive side. These symptoms can include nervousness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and even violence.

Other symptoms include restlessness, severe changes in appetite, violent outbursts, interrupted sleep or insomnia. In addition to these possible effects, psychological dependence exists as the user’s mind craves the high that is associated with smoking grass. The come downs from marijuana increase boredom and listlessness which makes habitual smoking more likely.

Other side-effects

In addition to the psychological and physical effects there are also other side-effects. These include bad skin, bad hair, bad smell and other negative personal traits associated with smoking.

Help is at hand

We all know that we can’t get away with taking a drug habitually over a period of time without there being any effects at all. Of course smoking weed harms us. We always knew it really. We’ve tried getting out of bed after a hard night on the grass and it ain’t easy.

But all is not lost, help is at hand on this website. Remember, just as the body and mind is affected by marijuana it is affected by NOT smoking marijuana. Your body and brain knows very well how to repair itself and it will … faster than you think!


How to Stop Smoking Weed


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