Cannabis Addiction

When we first started smoking cannabis it seemed a harmless natural high that connected us to our friends, music, art, food. We could take it or leave it. “Cannabis Addiction” was such a foreign concept. We laughed when we heard the older generation tell us of the “evils of marijuana”.


Cannabis can turn from recreational pastime to a downward progression away from our hopes and dreams

Marijuana is not evil, we thought, it’s a herb, it’s soft, people have smoked this stuff for centuries. People don’t smoke cannabis and immediately go out and rob old women or hold up a liquor store.

All this is true, of course. However, thousands and thousands of people smoke cannabis everyday and are seemingly trapped in a painful cycle of loneliness and boredom. It seems that “cannabis addiction” does exist – and it’s very unpleasant to experience and difficult to conquer.

What is Cannabis Addiction?

No one will ever be able to tell you at which point their life changed.

At what point did we stop smoking weed recreationally, once in a while, when we were with certain people, when we where in a certain mood? And at what point did our habit start to control us? When did we become lost inside ourselves, trapped by our inner voice which tried to normalise or justify our behavior?

I smoke weed because life makes no sense. Because I can’t get a decent job. Because of the fact that my wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband doesn’t understand me. Or because I don’t understand why I don’t have a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband. That’s why I smoke.

Cannabis addiction comes at the point when we stop using weed to enhance an already enjoyable situation and start using it to escape from the world.

Some of our friends stop smoking weed, form new relationships, move on and flourish. Many of us, however, remained trapped in the endless cycle of getting high all the time – cocooning ourselves with cannabis, music, television, meaningless conversation and endless hours of fighting boredom.

What we considered at one time to be a boredom-reliever becomes the single cause of boredom, stagnation and unhappiness – cannabis.

We end up blaming everything for this crisis. We blame our families, we blame our friends, our jobs, ourselves, everything. But we never blame cannabis.


Some of our friends leave cannabis behind and flourish as individuals

We try to change our jobs, we try to change our lifestyle, we try to change the people we are hanging around with, we even try to change our methods of getting high. But we deny having to change the one constant that has got us into this mess in the first place.

How can we fight Cannabis Addiction?

You need a plan to stop smoking weed. It’s not something that you can just decide to do one minute and do the next. It’s best to seek help from other people. You can download an audio course on the alleviation of cannabis suffering which I found very useful.

Or you could download my e-book called How To Stop Smoking Weed which you can see under this blog post.


How to Stop Smoking Weed


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