Is It Time For Rehab? 4 Ways To Know It’s Time Your Loved Ones Need Help

Trying to distinguish a recreational activity from a full-blown addiction in a family member can be a difficult task. No mother, father, grandparent or relative wants to believe that the person he or she loves is out of control and needs professional help. However, such a person will need the family’s support if he or […]

Am I Addicted to Weed? Take Our Test!

In addition to the debate as to whether cannabis is addictive or not. Many people contact this website and ask me “am I addicted to weed or not?” Many people wonder, after a while smoking marijuana, that the harmless herb isn’t a more problematic substance. Have you found yourself wondering if you’re smoking too much? […]

Why do people smoke weed?

There are quite simply millions of people smoking weed at this moment. Why is it that people smoke cannabis? There are many words for weed: marijuana, grass, dope, pot, weed, mull, hash, hash oil, maryjane, blunt, joints, cannabis, reefer, bong hit, skunk, resin, leb, the list is endless. And amazingly there are probably as many […]

How to Stop Smoking Weed